Del Norte Titan in The Grove of TitansThe Grove of Titans is home to the largest community of redwood trees yet discovered. Long hidden in plain sight of a popular trail in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, the Grove boasts the Lost Monarch, the largest coastal redwood on earth. Nearby grow nine other titans, including the Del Norte Titan and El Viejo Del Norte, the fourth and fifth largest coastal redwoods respectively, the unforgettable twin tree called the Screaming Titans and five other titans.

The Grove of Titans was discovered in 1998 by explorers Dr. Steve Sillett and Michael Taylor. A handful of others have found the Grove since then, but none have revealed its location.

We feel the time for secrecy has passed. The unsurpassed beauty of our redwood forests should be available for all to enjoy, not reserved for the privileged few. We hold Stout Grove up as an example of an ancient home to redwood giants visited by dozens or even hundreds daily while still thriving. With responsible management, especially the creation of viewing trails that keep their distance from the trees, as is the case in dozens of other popular redwood destinations throughout northern California, the public can enjoy the wonder of these titans without harming the trees.

Many others believe the location of the Grove of Titans should remain a secret in order to protect the trees from vandalism and the understory from being trampled. Out of respect for these dedicated tree-lovers every obvious indication of the Grove’s location has been removed.