What follows is the account of three intrepid explorers of their quest to pierce the mists of the fifteen square mile Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park to find the mysterious Grove of the Titans.

Newcomers to Grove lore may wonder what makes these particular trees so special. In short, the Grove of the Titans is home to ten redwoods of immense size, called titans. Here the lucky traveler may find, enthroned in regal majesty, the Lost Monarch, the largest coastal redwood on earth. Like the lords at King Arthur’s table, nine other titans (name given to the largest redwood trees) encircle this ancient king, including the Del Norte titan, the fourth largest coastal redwood; the El Viejo Del Norte titan (“the old man of the north”), the fifth largest; and the unforgettable “Screaming Titans,” twin titans whose joined base boasts a colossal thirty foot diameter.

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